How to select best place to live?

“People are usually happy at home” – William Shakespeare

Well, would anybody beat that? Circumstances may be different now and then but home is the place anyone’s heart is. So be it rented or own, the place should have life, give one peace, energize for the next battle. Are we on track?!

How to select best place to live? Here are 5 steps

1. Understand your needs and dreams

A moody bachelor? – Try 1RK near a gym, recently married – 1BHK – near to office, Have kids? -need schools, hospitals nearby. Some need unfurnished, some are nomads & don’t want to think about buying furniture at all. These are not boxes to check, different requirements for each individual. Sit and understand your needs.

2. Set your budget.
Yes, set your budget once you understand the needs. The same facilities and property may be available at different price points within 5-10 kms range. Have 15-20% tolerance levels on budget.

3. Search online

Thanks to innovation and startup spree. You can find ample options just sitting at your place. Some areas are broker heavy too, avoid handing out huge cash as much as possible.

4. Shortlist a ton.
Don’t shy away from shortlisting a good number of houses/flats. Have a minimum list of 15-20, visit the places over two weekends. Talk with owner/broker.
Yep, good house do go away quick but do remember India has 50% unoccupied real estate inventory. Yes, that’s a fact quoted from report.

5. Cross check at

All you see at property visit are four walls, asthetics and some sugar coated words. How do you know whether the place has any water problem? Uninformed electricity cuts? Noisy neighbours? Nuisance in surroundings? Owner harassment?

Do the watchman tell you? May be not. Do your neighbor tell you – they won’t !

Visit to find the graded experiences shared by earlier tenant via a rating model. is India’s real estate forum for rent house experiences.

That should leave you at best place to live. Until next time ta-da!!