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  1. Why am I here?
    Because you believe in giving, believe in social impact. We all contribute to society in different ways, ever thought could be this easy by answering few questions?
    This platform offers a unique way of giving back to society thus creating social impact. This is the place for Karma Points. And you could be at receiving end when in need. Let’s find out!
  2. What is ?
    We are an internet user generated review platform, certainly working to resolve the tenancy issues.
  3. We have asked you, what exactly do you help us with?
    Okay, for starters, enables
    i. Online platform to post your housing rental experience (Validator)
    ii. Only web source to check reviews by earlier tenants of a particular property/apartment/flat. (Checker)
  4. Interesting. Tell us more? is Indian social website to rank individual rental houses basis tenant’s feedback.
    A user (tenant) can validate rental housing experience through answering a set of thoroughly filtered questionnaire. Fill the survey, post your stay experience online like never before.

    We are sure you must have tried to understand more than the outer walls/furniture and all the other issues which are to be known only after you opt that house on rent. Sadly, that all valuable information is never transferred from earlier tenant and this is a proud initiative to establish that lost cord.
  5. What is the search box for?
    Well, we call it MagicBox. Come to our magic box and search for the property you are thinking to take on rent. Enter location of the building and search !
    Viola.. that simple search opens up the whole experience of the earlier tenant in the same building/flat/house. Isn’t it great? It is indeed.
    Check NOW.
  6. How can you streamline different user experiences expressed on this portal?
    Well, we have made research from a number of friends and colleagues. It turned out to be this grand tenancy problem is never answered but issues within it are well circled.
    And, we came up with a well filtered questionnaire. All you need to do is to give input on the rating scale of 1-5.
  7. This is an era of AI, CI, MI what not. How do you know these users are authentic?
    We spent sleepless nights about having it/not having it. Turns out to be no option to keep sanctity of the platform except for verifying the user with a simple OTP validation on mobile number/email ID. The reviews posted are absolutely authentic and definitely by a human.
  8. How are your protecting our personal data?
    We respect & embrace individual privacy & data security and abides to Indian Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019.
    Your name, contact number and email Id are taken to validate the feedback only. None of the details will be shared with landlords or any third party for monetary, non-monetary or any other purpose(s). Rest assured, personal information is safe with us.

    We found more ways to run this website than to heinous ways of monetization. We truly got your back on this with multiple security upgrades done periodically.
    Visit Terms&conditions to know more
  9. Do anyone get to know the validator’s (rating user) personal details?
    HAHA. Never ever! We have masked user’s entire personal data.
    To reconfirm you, we have opted to take these details to make the website authentic and help to reduce spam. Because quality is more important to number of reviews available.
    We kept a secret lock on how many reviews each user can submit as well.
  10. What is the methodology involved in assigning a rating of a property?
    It’s all about our secret sauce but truly better than Po’s father’s. We have carefully assigned different weights to each problem statement and arrived at final rating of an individual property.
  11. Do you incentivize (pay) the reviewers?
    Again, we had a long long discussion on it and the answer came out to be NO. The decision not to incentive stems from our core philosophy of helping each other as a community – the true power we had all these years as a civilization.
    We at simply against to the idea of paid reviews. It may help to stock up our inventory quickly but we see no value with such hurried reviews comes with vested interests.

    We have partnered with few good guys there to provide some deals which could be of help in return for your contribution. Karma points you remember?
    These are random and independent how good/bad you rate the property.
  12. So, the founders take all the income?
    Trust me, I get to listen from my wife for the money I spent here to make the platform a better one. Our colleagues have similar stories to tell. Have overheads to run this unique social impact platform, hope we cover.

Sample Output from magicbox

User input details as required like location, flat number, final rating
Details like average rent, how other tenants opinion of different facilities
Final rating basis user feedback on 1-5 scale of rating. average rating displayed below

We know this is all fascinating stuff, we truly believe in . Come, be part of a proud initiative to help others by making your opinion matter.


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